Transcending Trauma with Yoga

Zabie Yamasaki

About Zabie as shared on her website:

"Having the opportunity to transform her own trauma through the practice of yoga, Zabie Yamasaki, truly believes in the healing power of asana practice. For years, Zabie's unwavering support for survivors of sexual trauma has manifested itself in many forms. She has ultimately made it her life's goal to help empower survivors of assault to regain their strength and self-worth. She is extremely passionate about yoga and its ability to help individuals connect to their emotions, be present on the mat, develop peace of mind, and take the necessary steps to become their most true, authentic self."

First Person NYC

I personally know one of the lovely humans behind this non-profit.  They are based in NYC yet they are offering online trauma informed writing through their website and on their instagram.  Subscribe to their newsletter and follow along for writing tools to support your healing journey.

Tail of the Bell

Nancy Allen created this space as a place for incest survivors to find resources, support, and hear other's stories.  Nancy is a life coach, has a resource page, and hosts a podcast also titled "Tail of the Bell."

Survivor's Toolbox

Survivor's Toolbox is a web series for survivor's of sexual assault and they also have a great resource page.  I have taken an online trauma yoga course with them and enjoyed the invitational language and freedom of choice.

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