My heart is in working with others through experiences and creative avenues that have assisted me and many others.  Explore the different services that I offer.  My specialty is assisting clients through arranging support packages over a decided length of time where they can create their own experiences in which I guide and hold space for the work and play they are doing to heal and grow. 

There is so much freedom in how I can show up for someone and I also work with groups, teach classes, and network with other practitioners and organizations. Inquiries and comments welcomed.  Email me at


                       Writing & Editing

Articles, Poetry, Short Stories, Press Releases


Creative Expression, Portrait, Nature, Family, Pets


Trauma Sensitive, Supportive, Accessible

                           Origami Soul

Origami Soul is a project that I, Aurora Winters, have created based on my personal healing.  It is in process.  Photography to go with poetry I have written.

    Photographer: Capturing Ideas To Reality

                   Makeup: Megan Lake

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