• Aurora Winters

What Do You Know?

Life is a whirlwind a lot of the time.

This post is just a little reminder to slow down.

What do you know?

I have that question in my head because it really helps center me. I just shared about childhood trauma with someone and I realized on a deeper level I'm okay with not having the answers to life's deepest questions. Like, Is there a God? Why am I here? Why did that person do that to me? I'm okay with the mystery and not having to be in charge of it all.

So what do I know about that.

A lot less than I thought I did. The older I get the less I know and more I want to learn. I love it.



What do I know?

Well there are things I know deeply about myself. I know a lot about certain things in my life and that helps me deal with a reality check when anxiety and fear grip me. Or when uncertainty grips me.

Maybe try taking an issue that has been an issue for a while and think what you know about all sides of that issue. Try looking at it with the perspective of someone else too. Then see if you can strip away unnecessary concern and find a balance. What do you know? It's okay to not know everything. Try writing this out. I want to deal with an issue this way again it helps to see stuff on paper. Helps release it.

I hope this makes sense for you.

Happy writing.

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