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It has been a while since I posted here personally. I have been doing a lot of personal work and taking care of someone in my life who needs me. I have also been dreaming and putting steps in order to move forward in building this blog into something more over the next several months.

So I wanted to say thank you first to the writers on here and to the people who read this blog. I have always had a blog of some sort but this was the first time I bought a website name and started to build something. It is almost a year old. It is such an honor every time I get to publish work by another writer on here. Sharing space is my favorite.

Please know this blog is a place where we share all voices and talk about hard things. Please also take care of yourself first. I have learned a lot about publishing posts for others and have so much more to learn! There are certain posts I cannot publish for my own safety if mentioning names or specific identifying details. There are edits I have to make to make sure readers do not feel less than. There are times I have to say no because this blog stands for truth and is not a space for political, religious, or educational opinions that are oppressive. There will be times I publish something that does not reflect certain ideals or practices I have but that highlight the individual writing and cause me to celebrate our differences. Each story is unique and empowering and I hope that this blog can be a space that empowers others to find their own voice and feel supported.

I plan to share holistic resources, wellness, and sustainable living ideas. I plan to share poetry and people's stories and research. I will be sharing how sustainability can be triggering to shift to as a survivor, how animals have helped me, book recommendations, and my journey with my inner child, plus so much more. I hope to have many more writers join as the journey shifts and develops into something deeper. People are welcome to share anonymously as well and reach out through email if they read a post that resonated.

Thank you for being here!

Enjoy your day and feel free to submit a piece of your own writing.

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