• Krystal Cole

Simple Enough

It's like when a glue bottle has been open for too long -

You untwist the tip, but when you squeeze the bottle's belly nothing comes out. Dried glue in the tip prevents release.

You squeeze harder and feel pressure building - like the bottle might explode. You decide the best option is to find a needle - to stab a needle into the tip. To recreate the hole,

so the glue can escape. Simple enough. I try to untwist, and to open. To fill the pit in my belly.

I've been like this too long. Pressure building - I try to escape myself - To find release. I'm afraid to explode.

Where can I find the needle to create a hole in my walls for the rage to escape? I'm afraid it's not that simple.

Author Bio

Krystal lives in Northeast Ohio with her boyfriend and two cats.

Cover Photo by Heather M. Edwards on Unsplash


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