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Rented Space

Have you been watching all these home renovations or redecorating during the pandemic?

I see so many people on social media fixing up their homes. We rent and I am not too savvy about this stuff but being in my apartment the last several months has made me eager to learn some new tricks even for a rented space.

As a survivor I want to learn to take up space and feel at home wherever I can. I have spent most my life staying out of the way and keeping it simple. It has felt important to me to get to know myself in this way. I have been renting my entire adult life and never once truly decorated. I do not have any before or after photos because I am just starting. I do not know if I will remember to take any but I know it has been empowering to come across simple tips or ideas that help me think of other things I can try too.

In case you are tired and on a budget but looking for some way to make your home feel more homey below is a video by my friend Lynette who has become a professional (I believe) in redecorating rented spaces.

Five tips for your rented space.

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Cover Photo by Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash.


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