• Aurora Winters

My Iridescent Hearts

In February I self published my first poetry book! It is titled, "My Iridescent Hearts."

It was a culmination of poetry I wrote after leaving my abusive husband. I still struggle to write anything but poetry about that time. What I do want to share is that it changed me. I realized I had a lot of healing from things in my life before that marriage to face. I had a lot of issues happen just because of that marriage. Something I have realized in the last three years is that I have so much love and all the wrong people got that love. Also, it was not my fault. Some much is integrating as I step more deeply into my present life. Today I was thinking of the poem I wrote after going to get the rest of my stuff from my ex-husband. I am so grateful now to have my life filling up with people who truly cherish my love, love me back, and teach me all the wonderful things that love can be.

As I drove away

Sorrow and tears


For I was grieving you

Though you are still breathing

I thought, perhaps

You broke my heart the worst

Lucky a friend was with me

And we pulled into

A parking lot,

One where you

And I had fought

I could see

Because it felt so heavily

How my heart had turned to glass

And shattered into

Infinite pieces

This was not the first time

Shattered and scattered

At this moment

When I wanted

To reach and touch your face

There was acceptance

And release

As I find my

New place


I bent to see

Every little glass

Piece of me

The sun and tears

Mixed together

Rainbows reflected

My face back

I reached to hold it


I decided I no longer

Wanted a whole heart within

For I love tremendously

Beyond the depth of any lifetime

I have ever lived

The light played lyrics

Of iridescent mystery

Dancing all around

Eagerly I scooped every

Heart piece

Kissing it

Then letting it go

I watched them float

Miles away

Years to another day

To people who needed

It to stay

And laughed with joy

As I embraced wholeness

In a new and blessed way

Iridescent Hearts fly

Coming softly from the sky

For all the infinite

Reasons I love so intimate

Let them land wherever the wind

Believes they will best serve

Even those who don’t deserve

Everyone always said

My heart was on my sleeve

And I would go where it did lead

So now I am everywhere

With everyone

I have never felt so complete

Dancing and loving

To an ancient, ethereal beat

Living nectar and honey

Nothing is so sweet

To fall full throttle

In trust with myself

And divinity

Bring me all you are

Let me guide you

To be your own Morningstar


My iridescent hearts

Connect me through

Realms and galaxies

To every love art

Please reach out if you are in a situation in which you need help or support. The National Domestic Hotline number is 1.800.799.7233 and the website is

If you want to read the rest of my book it is available in paperback and on kindle on Amazon. You can click here to order. If you have read it or end up reading it I would love to receive a review from you!

Thank you for reading and being here today.

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Cover Photo by Aurora Winters


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