• Aurora Winters

My Blessing For You

I hope for you honesty and space.

Days filled with inner permission

And outer support to be


To simply be what you need

What you are

And what you feel

I wish for you

Sun that kisses your skin

Rain that makes you feel again

Moments to cherish and reflect

Where ever you are

-Whenever you want to

Pause and remember

Feel the memory come to life

I wish

That when you fall

There are no expectations to rise again

The world will meet you where you are

And you will simply fall into

Rising like the natural breath

That keeps your heart beating

I wish for you

What you wish for

May it be all that you need and hope

It to be

My wish for you

Is that you find your paths

Your choices

Your people

And your moments

I wish for you a journey all your own

And the companions you desire

My wish

Is that you know I have no expectations

No need of perfection

No interest in your agreement

Simply that you embody the dignity

That is yours to claim

In the way that works for you

My wish is that you meet and live life

In full honesty to yourself

The ability to free yourself from

A culture that does not understand

Your wild heart

I wish for you

Space to dance

To scream, cry

To laugh, sing,

Rage upon the earth

And surrender

Over and over as you need or want

I wish for you Grace

Infinite love

And compassion for every step.

Every second.


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