• Krystal Cole

More Alone, Alone

I float through experiences like I am unto myself a ghost. To others, I am there - I am in it. In myself, I am out of it. I am alone. Not just alone - afloat. I exist in a different dimension, I think. On another plane of existence.

When I sink into my body, I jump out of my skin. When I examine my arms, hands, legs, even my face in a mirror, I am outside myself. I have abandoned myself. I am alone, without even myself, alone.

This feeling, it hosts a darkness - A floor dropping from beneath the feet feeling - A face peering through a darkened window feeling - A whisper in your ear when you're alone, alone feeling -

It lingers and is fleeting, dancing like a flame that never burns out.

I laugh, I joke, I play the role -

But I am alone, alone.

Author Bio

Krystal lives in Northeast Ohio with her boyfriend and two cats.

Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash


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