• Aurora Winters

Missing You

It is funny how

when I looked at the week ahead

I would see what I could cancel.

It is ironic that all I really want to do


is stay home.

It has been two months at least since I have


so many of you.

Please read this all and try not to take it wrong.

But there is a part of me if I could spend these days

away so blissful.

Wrapped in the arms I choose daily, long walks,

and dinners talking about everything.

I would stay right here.

Some moments reach for days of endless sleep overs

and romantic weekends.

No, I do not wish that it continue at the sacrifice of the world.

However I must say, for me, I needed to see.

Only my love and this home I worked so diligently to build.

There were too many years I never knew safety

I will not apologize for getting some now.

But what I want you to, also know.

It has not always been easy

Not to hug you when you call.

It has been so hard to remember

friendships blossom all year,

not just in the Fall.

With your permission,

when it is safe

I want to reach

and touch your face.

I will laugh as I tell you

those endless live in dates

also left me snapping for the kitchen

to myself.

How very human all this is

An existential type of feel.

I need to touch you

I want to confirm

You are still real.

Maybe we will grasp hands

and skip along the path like when we were little.

Cuddle on the couch, legs intertwined because

us girls know nothing but sister.

Take your clammy hands

and play with my hair again.

Never more will I say to stop.

I hope when my hair clings to

your palm you do not let it drop.

Save it for a moment because

all this time apart we deserve to

own our weirdness.

There are many of you that

for hours I want to hug.

Tap you with my elbow

when we hear a funny joke.

I will braid your hair

like I have a thousand times before.

And just to make up for all this lost time

I will learn to create art on your face

with makeup since you always did mine.

I never thought I would have to

choose not to hold you.

We always laughed when we were young

about the way we would grow old.

Wrinkle lines and fingers intertwined

Although I would often rather stay home

Be held by this man who loves me bold

From now on I will treasure the moments

When we meet face to face

For with so many of you

Hold a special space.

My first commitments

were to my friends while

wearing nose plugs and swimmies.

Slowly and chaotically growing into

heels and curls.

I will protect these moments raw and honest

with all my love for you

At first this was a poem for one

But now it is all of you

There is nothing more to share

I think you get it that I care

And when we are ready and it is okay

I want to revisit all those days

we were life on fire

To run hand in hand into anything

Because friendship like yours is rare.

I love you

and I am missing you

Hearts forever intertwined.

Photo by Noorulabdeen Ahmad on Unsplash


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