• Aurora Winters

If I Could Be Kind To Myself

If I could be kind to myself I would breathe easier I would, at the end of the day Say

"that was okay"

You did what you did And that is OK

I would release judgement Blame and striving Hug myself morning Afternoon and night

Turn off the TV and listen to my heartbeat Place my hand upon it And smile for no matter what loss I endure The greatest would be myself

Kindness looks like waking up And being honest It looks like asking "Body, what do you need today?"

Kindness is the way I speak in my head How I ask for help When my legs are lead

Kindness is unfinished chores Cupping my hands for tears At the end of my cheeks And massaging my feet So that I may be strongly rooted

Kindness is boundaries Saying no Kindness is a new TV show A warm sweater Call to a friend.

Kindness is lifting my eyes to the sun Closing my eyes And letting the rays kiss my skin

Kindness is letting myself Have intimacy within No matter how scary

Kindness is walking away Running toward Staying in bed Going to explore.

Kindness is letting it all be However it feels every minute Kindness is simply Showing up for myself when I can Apologizing for abandonment Sincerely

And holding my own hand Every second, every step.

Cover Photo by Aurora Winters


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