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Getting to Know the Writer: Lynette Maroquin

Good morning everyone!

Today I get to introduce you to another contributor to the blog and to one of the sweetest souls on this planet!

I met Lynette in college. My senior year I had the honor of working alongside her as a resident assistant in our building. Our college provided us a resident director who was amazing at integrating opportunities for building close relationships and we had the ability early on to nurture a deep and fun friendship. There was a total of eight of us girls on staff and then our resident director. We started our team building the night we all got “kidnapped” by the current R.A.’s and found out after rounds of interviews that we were chosen to be the next year’s team. It is still my most favorite job. I gained friendships that have walked with me through hell, embarrassment, bad fiber one bar experiences, tears, and exuberant personal growth.

Lynette has always had a special space in my heart. She is the embodiment of grace. Her heart is full of love, desire, honesty, and hope. Thanks to her friendship I have learned true depths of kindness and joy that have forever influenced the way I interact with the world. There is a sweetness in everything she does, she is fierce and strong. The way she lives openly guides others to feel safer approaching the world. If I hadn’t been brave enough in 2009 to pack two suitcases and fly to a place I didn’t know anyone, I would have missed the valuable lessons friendships like Lynette’s have taught me. After being loved in friendships like this one I see the world as an adventure with treasure waiting to be discovered and its possible to find that in anyone I meet. This type of friendship teaches me worth and boundaries too. I am excited to introduce you to Lynette below.

Tell me a little bit about who you are?

My name is Lynette Marroquin. I am on the cusp of turning 30, I love nature, good home cooked meals, and learning new things! I am also married and together we are raising our daughter, Adelina.

What do you do for work? Passion work?

For my 9-5 job, I manage finance and records. On the side, I love to make YouTube videos on simple, natural, sustainable living.

Is there a reason you want to share your writing with others?

I have always felt writing was a great conduit of learning, processing, and accepting our emotions. It's been a deep force of connection and understanding for my life and has walked me through incredibly difficult seasons. When I was an English major one of my professors said something along the lines of, "It's a tragedy if you write and never share it. It becomes an isolated island, living unto itself, never getting to illuminate the lives of others."

How has your relationship with the written word developed over the years?

I've been journaling since I was a young girl, I have dabbled in writing stories, poems, prayers, and songs. Over the years my writing always evolves but it's consistent no matter how it looks. Today, I find I most enjoy writing lists, keeping a gratitude journal, writing to maintain mental and emotional health, and poetry is something I always love to write when I'm feeling particularly inspired!

Would you share what you feel, in general,+ about how motherhood is portrayed in society?

I think the early years of infancy can often be portrayed as this euphoric experience; I don't think that's entirely accurate. Motherhood is, a beautiful gift indeed, but also a hard time of sleep deprivation, sore nipples, and lots of learning as you go!

Are you comfortable sharing about your personal journey as a mother of a young girl?

Something I've learned is that my child is my teacher! She has forced me to re-examine myself, my emotional responses, how I cope with sleep deprivation, how I pace my life, our family life, etc. I am always learning new things as a parent, but also as a human being. Currently, I'm working through my triggers and reactive responses like yelling when I'm really overwhelmed or frustrated. I journal about this every day and have seen some great improvements in my over-reactive responses.

What topics are you passionate about personally?

I am passionate about sustainable and natural living. This year I really want to hone into living a slower lifestyle. I don't want to bombard myself with constant to do's, places to be, but rather have more time for meaningful things like going for a family walk, reading a book, or taking a bubble bath.

Are there certain topics in your writing influenced specifically by major events in your life?

Absolutely, I am inspired to write by all sorts of experiences I’ve had-- good and bad! From harrowing health experiences to rain on city pavement, I’ve written about it and all the in between.

Who are your support people personally known?

My family are most definitely my support along with a close couple of girlfriends that are more like sisters.

Who are support people that are not personally known but work or art that continually inspires you?

This is such a great question! I’d say the people that have had the greatest affect in my life and whose messages I still stand behind is Brene Brown (author of Daring Greatly and many other amazing books), Adriene from Yoga with Adriene (YouTube channel), Dr. Nicole LePera (the holistic physiologist), and Ann Voskamp (author of 1000 Gifts).

What do you most want to write about for us?

I think I’d like to delve into slower/intentional living. It’s basically the idea that we do not live our lives passively but rather actively engage in each of our life’s moments, from simple things like drinking a cup of coffee to working through emotional triggers. We are present for it all!

How do you interact with emotions?

I’m learning to interact better with emotions and I’m mainly doing that through writing and talking through my emotional processes with my husband or a friend.

Are there certain ways you communicate with yourself and your husband that have evolved and strengthened over the years?

I think I’ve gotten to know myself better and have grown/changed in a lot of ways. Being in a long-term relationship, like marriage, requires both partners to continually relearn one another! In my growth, I’ve had to re-communicate my values, passions, boundaries, expectations, and more. That has allowed a lot more vulnerability and hard conversations, because of it, I’d say my husband knows the real me.

Do you have any self-care tools you would like to share with our readers?

Yes, the first tool is yoga which has drastically changed my life-- it’s given me tools to cope with stress like deep breathing and lettings things go. It has also helped me cope with some chronic pain I’ve been living with. Second tool is daily “future journaling” where I write through something I want to work on, which for now is my reaction to stressful and overwhelming situations. The last thing that I do is have a morning routine. I really aim to get up before the rest of my family does and just having this solitude allows me to be emotionally available for tantrums and playing pretend!

What makes you laugh and brings you joy?

I thoroughly enjoy learning, that brings me a lot of joy. I also love comedy, reading, and watching a good show!!

How did you meet your husband?

Josiah and I met in college; we were in the same circle of friends for years.

What is one of your favorite things about him?

Josiah is an extremely kind and empathetic human being! That is one of my favorite things about him.

What has been valuable advice that has gotten you through certain spaces in life?

My mom always reinforces gratitude, especially in dark and difficult seasons. She has the knack of pointing to the good things, the light. A tangible way I’ve lived this out is by keeping a gratitude journal. I try to write at least three things a day I’m grateful for, this is especially important on the hard days. Actively practicing gratitude has been such a valuable morsel of wisdom to carry me through all of life’s spaces.

Would you be willing to talk about a difficult time in your life and how you got through it?

I’ve been dealing with on again, off again health issues for the last five years, from infertility, hair loss, and most recently chronic pain. The only way I’ve been able to wade through this is by allowing myself to feel sad when I need to, be honest about how I’m doing with my loved ones and practicing gratitude by taking note of all the good things in my life. It’s easy to get lost in a vortex of despair and fear when things are difficult and scary. Acknowledging my fears and not surrendering myself to them is how I survive.

How do you celebrate life?

Gosh! I love this question. I’d say practicing gratitude and presence. I’ve already spoken at length about gratitude journaling but being present for me just means engaging with all the life, people, and beauty that is already around me. It is stepping away from social media, and just leaning into creating, engaging, and enjoying.

What is your favorite quality about yourself?

I love that I am a self-starter who is always wanting to learn more and grow! I’m not stagnant but fluid and teachable.

Thank you so much Lynette for sharing yourself with us today!

Here is the latest youtube video below from Lynette. Go and subscribe to her channel! She has some great tips to learn how to live more sustainable.

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