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Getting To Know The Writer: Aurora

Hey All!

Below are some of the questions I have my future blog contributors answering so I thought it is only fair if I answer some too!  

A bit about who I am?

Well, I am a fiercely passionate and impulsive person. I am brave, messy, and really hard on myself.  Learning compassion and self love is changing everything. I love to be silly and enjoy life. 

What do I do for work? Passion work?

For work right now I am a yoga instructor! I am branching out and searching for a bit more work to bring in income, but my passion work is writing, speaking and photography (alongside teaching yoga). A lot of what I do is trauma sensitive and supportive. I'm a big advocate for survivors of sexual violence.


Is there a reason I want to share my writing with others?

There was a quote I read once, "I write to save someone's life, probably my own." By Clarice Lispector

That is why I write.  For some reason as I save myself through writing myself into deeper healing, I've found others get inspired to find their inner hero and share more of themselves. 

How has your relationship with the written word developed over the years?

More intimately.  It's like a mysterious, seductive lover. Sometimes I'm too afraid to discover myself in the deep pages of my own words that I stay away from it for a long time. And other times I ravage journal after journal with my poetry and languid soul yearnings. Others I'm full of curiosity and joy and love to experiment with different forms of expression. It's my best tool for self healing and communication. 

What topics am I passionate about personally?

Everything that is raw and honest and controversial. By far I favor poetry and the reflections of being on a soul journey. 

Are there certain topics in my writing influenced specifically by major events in your life?  

Yes. I emphasis a lot of writing based on my journey of healing through sexual violence, about self care, and poetry in general.

Who are my support people personally known?

My therapist is a main one. I have others but that would be more than a few sentences to share.

Who are support people that are not personally, known but work or art that continually inspires me?

Clarissa Pinkola Estes who wrote, "Women Who Run with the Wolves." I love everything else she wrote too. 

Peter Levine and Bessel van der Kolk they are both psychologists and authors.  I have participated in the therapies they both educate others on and experienced a lot of healing. 

I love belting out songs by Foo Fighters and Taylor Swift.

And I adore art by French artist Paul Gauguin.


What do I most want to write about?

The things that people don't talk about. The hidden human things that are actually very common.  The hard stuff so that others know they aren't alone. I want to write about my deepest shame and fears. I want to talk about gender roles, suicide, dreams, and finances.  I want to discuss religion, art, and parenting with an illness. Some of these things I don't know about. That's why I want to write with others too. 

How do I interact with emotions?

Well I still do the avoidance dance, I still don't really understand how to let them flow through me. But I do invite them. I write to and with and about them. I dance them out.  Take the emotions into therapy. I'm in the getting to know you phase of many emotions. Dropping my swords and learning to hold them. When I hold them, I hold myself. It's the hardest thing I do when I finally get there :)

Are there certain ways I communicate with myself that have evolved over the years?

I communicate with myself much more intimately. I have a lot more understanding. I see that I need to slow down and lower expectations. I write affirmations on my mirror at home and practice kinder self talk. I was just pretty mean to myself yesterday, but I have developed the witnessing and observational side of myself so I'm able to think, "What are you doing?"  That's so much better than dissolving fully into it. I still went to bed earlier and exhausted myself. But today I laid on the floor for gentle yoga and hugged myself. I'm in the process of learning how to forgive myself for behaviors I want to relearn. Mostly my self talk. My core belief system is rewiring to support this in therapy. 

Do I have any self care tools I would like to share with readers?

Yes, I'll share all sorts through the time we have together but initially I want to point out how important the basics are. Eat, sleep, drink water, safe shelter.  Breath-work is free, set a timer on your phone to remember to breathe deeply. Do that to remember to go hug yourself. It's amazing how the smallest actions make the biggest difference. It's hard at first and that's okay.  Maybe you can't hug yourself yet. Hold your own hand or pat yourself on the back. 

What makes me laugh and brings me joy?

Lots of things. My chosen family does.  I enjoy playing games and cuddling.  Laughing at movies and memes is fun.  I have a cynical humor too and that helps me through tough times. I've learn to sort out the kind that feels helpful and the kind that is too harsh to the situation. I enjoy nature and making up random stories in my head. Joy is still newer to me. That can be a separate post someday. I'm learning how to support and integrate that feeling, but I know it sustains me in ways I can't understand yet. 

*Well thank you so much for reading! I was fun interviewing myself! Hope you enjoyed following along. If you have questions yourself feel free to let me know!


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