• Drew McGill


In solitude you find a calling

It tells you who you must be

In the night you find her waiting

You must decide who you want to be

In tough times you find the will

You have decided who you are

In life you find some challenges

You have decided you will go far


  • Drew is a Barista, a husband, and a father, among many other things. He comes from a small town in Ohio, and still calls it home. He left for a while to live life and do some adventuring with his wife. As they were getting ready to get married, they both thought it was important to move back near family so they could start one of their own. He loves the outdoors, art, music, science, archaeology, history, literature, architecture, and so many other things. He considers himself to be an intellectual and intelligent, but guesses that’s relative. What he is, undoubtedly, is very inquisitive. He doesn’t always need an answer to his questions, because sometimes the best thing about trying to find answers is chasing a mystery.

- Cover Photo is by Jan Genge from Unsplash


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