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Brittany Stefan: Holistic Wellness and Massage

Hello my loves,

Today I want to share a guest interview of a lovely lady I am grateful to know. I want to use this blog to share many things. It is important to me to highlight others, their work, and what they offer. During this unprecedented time I especially want to share about those I believe in. Brittany is one of two wonderful massage therapists I will work with. I know and love other massage therapists too, however, as a survivor of sexual assault the two I work with make me feel the safest. Massage therapy has been a healing resource for me to build love and connection with my own body, maintain better circulation and immunity, decrease anxiety, and much more. So it is with much honor I share her answers to the interview so that when it is safe to open businesses and go out, you have the option of contacting her for a massage. I also want to give others a platform to share ways we can support ourselves at home and support their businesses during this time.

1. May you share with us a bit about what makes you who you are?

My name is Brittany Stefan and I love all things holistic! This is a great question to reflect on myself. It depends on exactly what you’re asking, but I am an extremely loyal, caring, helpful, independent, strong willed, sometimes hardheaded, goal oriented and driven woman. I love my family first, but I really love what I do and how I can help my clients with their physical healing journey. I am competitive and hardworking. I got my work ethic, my drive, my love for life and my competitiveness from my dad, and I got my strong willed, independent personality from my mom. I’m a good mix of both, and growing up as an only child, I developed a perfectionist mindset and a promise to myself that I will always strive to be my best.

2. What led you to massage therapy and how does it tie into your other experience?

I was led into massage therapy intuitively; I suppose you could say. It was never my goal, or my dream. That goes to say that plans can always change, and I believe things happen for a reason. I decided to go into massage therapy out of high school, after taking some prerequisite classes at Stark State. I had anticipated going for the Physical Therapy Assisting program; but after I finished the prerequisites and I went to submit the rolling admissions form, I was told there was a waiting list years long. So, I figured to kill time in the process of waiting to be admitted to PTA, I would enroll in the massage therapy program, which had no waiting list. The rest is history. Massage Therapy was like the love I never knew I needed. I met my best friend and soul sister, Gina, through the massage program, and my mentor and teacher, Michael Vahila. That leads me back to how I believe everything happens for a reason. This all led me to continuing to better myself a few short years after receiving my Licensure for Massage Therapy and going to The University of Akron for my Bachelors in Exercise Science. My experience is all tied together by really, truly, understanding the body, and holistic health and well-being through Massage, and Exercise.

3. May you share two techniques that can be used at home that do not require buying anything new or at least expensive to support ourselves in between massage appointments?

Two techniques that immediately come to mind are:

1) Using a tennis ball or similar against a wall, or on the floor to help alleviate pesky tension in the shoulders, back, hips or feet. I have a video on my Sapphire Lotus Massage page explaining this a little bit more in depth. It’s in the live video “Massage Basics.”

2) The second technique that immediately comes to mind, is helping to alleviate headaches. The pressure point in the webbing between the thumb and forefinger is known to help alleviate headaches when pressed on while a headache is present. Also, cranial facial release is a great technique to help alleviate headaches, and the only requirement is that you have hair! I’ll make videos for both of these for my facebook page! :)

*You can follow her page for more at home resources here.

4. What does your holistic center include?

Sapphire Lotus Holistic Healing Center is made up of 5 (including myself) extremely talented women, who have a passion for healing holistically through the mind, body, and spirit. In short, we offer Massage Therapy, Cupping, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Herbalist, Tea Bar, Sage, Crystals, Reiki charged artwork and Henna, Detox foot baths, and Reiki as well as Chakra Balancing. All 5 of us are different and do a range of things, and if you’re interested for more information for each of our talents with the respectable therapist/practitioner, info can be found at

Our bios and talents are listed on the site as well as how to contact each of us.

5. How may people support you and your business during this time if they are able? (Monetary and non-monetary)

If you’d like to support my business and dream during this time, sharing my pages and posts, liking my pages, and leaving reviews on my Sapphire Lotus Massage Facebook or Instagram are extremely helpful!

Donations can be sent through Venmo @bstef7 or PayPal @BrittanyStefan

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Or buying e-gift certificates is also extremely helpful. You can buy them here through April 30th, promo codes can be used for one service, or a package of three sessions with me over $190. Promo code COVID19 is 19% off one service promo code BUY3 is 25% off a package of three massages over custom amount $190 via the e-gift certificate website.

All of this information can also be found on my Facebook, IG and

6. Where do you hope to be in 5 years with the center and massage therapy?

In 5 years, I see the center thriving, with an additional therapist in there of some sort. In 5 years, I see us all being extremely successful, and I have goals of opening a second center somewhere else by then. With Massage Therapy, I foresee things being about the same, just busier! I plan to be certified in Thai Massage, and Myofascial Release!


Thank you for sharing your heart and passion with us today Brittany.

Readers if you are interested in connecting with Brittany in any way please visit the links that are throughout the interview or if you are hoping to schedule an appointment further down the road call or text Brittany at 330.208.3915.

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