• Aurora Winters

Another New Start

Today is another new start.

I hope it finds you in many special ways though we are a part

Perhaps the drop of rain on the tip of your nose

The sneaky way through the clouds the sun glows

Today still brings yesterday and tomorrow in its palms

May it offer confidence and comfort as you go

For I walk with you along life's many paths

I know you have been given such wrath

May you find that small dot in the center of your soul and heart

Where the essence of all your beauty does start

Lean into all that has preserved and sustained you

Understand the earth is here to support you

And the cosmos long to dazzle and dance you

So as you set your feet

And today your soft body you meet

Grace yourself with gentleness and compassion

Hug and laugh

Sing a tune

And let joy be you

Cover Photo by Rodrigo Rodriquez on Unsplash


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