• Drew McGill


Updated: May 19

In the early morning hours I stir

I lay in bed

and hope for another hour still

But the child cries and the silence dies


If I’m still and I pretend I’m not awake

Will she go back to sleep?

Another hour I will take


Anything I can get will help

Work baby sleep work baby sleep work baby sleep


Feel like an undercover tv cop in too deep

Coffee in the am,

coffee in the pm,

and I don’t sleep


The vicious cycle tearing me down

one by one

The blocks

-- they seem to of fell


Pick up the pieces

and build them up again

The child that cries settles her eyes

--and she wakes


She needs you here

and she needs you now

Do not hesitate

She cannot wait

and she should not wait


--Wait how can this be

I’ve lost something important to me

I’ve forgotten who I am

and these days shift like sifting sands

Vaguely they blow in the breeze

settling differently familiar

And I always feel a bit peculiar


I know strangers better

than I know myself

I’m lost or I lost myself

one of us is here

neither of us near


The end of the beginning

This life was supposed to look different


Photo by Dan Grinwis from Unsplash


Drew is a Barista, a husband, and a father, among many other things. He comes from a small town in Ohio, and still calls it home. He left for a while to live life and do some adventuring with his wife. As they were getting ready to get married, they both thought it was important to move back near family so they could start one of their own. He loves the outdoors, art, music, science, archaeology, history, literature, architecture, and so many other things. He considers himself to be an intellectual and intelligent, but guesses that’s relative. What he is, undoubtedly, is very inquisitive. He doesn’t always need an answer to his questions, because sometimes the best thing about trying to find answers, is chasing a mystery.


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