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Welcome to my online home  This has been years in the making.  I have spent time creating a home in my own body through many resources and tools.  I have a strong foundation within now and I seek to encourage, guide, and support others through their journeys.  I invite you to take a look around and see if there is something here that resonates with your soul.  There is a blog sharing my voice and the voices of many others.  A resource page to connect you to holistic, crisis intervention, and everything in between.  I have an offerings page on ways I work with others and scroll down for a little more about, yours truly, Aurora Winters.

Thank you again for being here!  I want to share about myself since you have made the journey here!  Perhaps we will become a part of each other's path in some way. 

I have created this website and all the work on it for so many reasons. It is for both of us.  You and me.  Me and you.  Seven years ago I began having flashbacks to my abusive childhood in an intrusive and life altering way.  Denial, intellect, faith, and positive thinking could no longer keep me safe.  I realized the illusions I had been hiding behind.  After a year of fighting it, half completely alone in solitude and the other half in and out of the hospital due to suicidal ideation, I decided to commit to try healing for one year.  I have out lived my self imposed expiration date.  Once I dug into healing the investment went deep.  I still have hard days and I am actively in EMDR therapy but I am fiercely protective of myself.  Compassion and understanding are my guides, as well as humor, play, and a zest for life I have always had.    

Currently I am applying to graduate schools to get my Masters or Doctorate.  I plan to become a Somatic Therapist and EMDR Clinician.  Until that day I want to support and encourage people to find their inner healer.  I want to hold space for others to do the grueling, scary, and rewarding work of loving themselves.  Authentic self love is filled with acceptance that it is a life long journey, owning our wounds and doing the work, self forgiveness, and accountability to kindness.  

My life as a child was filled with betrayal and abuse by those who were supposed to keep me safe.  My foundational years were spent in utter survival and loyalty to my abusers.  My journals used to read "I never feel real.  How can I believe in myself, when I am not even sure I exist."  There was no way for me to form a solid sense of self growing up. 

After all this work, blood, sweat, tears, snot, mucus, and a lot of lost relationships I am connected to a tangible essence that is me.  It is something that feels beyond words.  Looking back, I see how the love my brother gave me before he died rooted a deep belief in grace and joy.  Growing up, I rode and showed horses, later, becoming a therapeutic riding instructor for seven years.  Horses, my friends, nature, laughter, school, and books saved my sanity and my soul.  

Thank you for reading all this.  I want to be open and invite you to know me as well as you can here.  When I was first dealing with my past I isolated myself to the outside world but found healing and community through a poetry blog I had.  Many people I connected to were brave beyond measure and inspired me to commit to myself.  Now that I have done so much work I want to give back what first inspired me to carry on, a safe, honest online presence. 


Email me if you need connected to specific resources, need to share your story or have questions.  Thank you for being here.  I hope to speak with you soon.  

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