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There are a lot of ways to find a therapist.  However it can be tedious and frustrating.  Below are sites that helped me find therapists.  Know that self advocating is extremely important.  I recommend reading about therapists through the sites offered below and reaching out through email to the ones you would like to connect to.  Ask about insurance, sliding scale prices if you do not have insurance, how often you need to meet, their background and methods.  If finances are an issue therapists may offer a sliding scale fee (discounted price) and to meet every other week or even once a month.  A lot of therapists will do a free thirty minute consultation call.  Remember you are the one hiring for the job.  This is your well-being and you want the right fit for your support team.  I have found meeting three times to three months is often a good amount of time to evaluate if your therapist is a long-term fit. 

Psychology Today

Enter your zipcode into the section titled "Find a Therapist"

   Good Therapy

Enter your zipcode into the section titled "Find a Therapist"

Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

This form of therapy focuses on body awareness and connection.  It was my first official trauma therapy method and the tools I learned helped me save my life.  To find a practitioner near you go to the website below and click on "Practitioner Search"

Enter your info or try "general search."

EMDR International Association

Click the type of search you want and enter your info.

Important Note:

* Any of the organizations and numbers I shared on the main resource page can also provide community and organizational therapy resources

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