Submission Guidelines For the Blog

Everyone is welcome to submit.  The blog is here to support, inspire, relate, educate, and build community.  I am looking for others who want to share their talent, grow their skills, and connect.  Diversity is desired and invited.  I want people with heart, passion, and understanding to share their expertise, growth, stories, and advice.  Poetry, articles, and more.


Your bravery, depth, and unique views.  Invite your raw honesty and soul.  Share with the world your messy inspiring humanness wrapped in courage and growth.  Bring us in between your words.  Show us all the glorious and primal parts of your heart.

General Guidelines

All content below to be submitted by email to

Email subject: Submission


1. Title & Article - max 1,666 words (exceptions made) in the body of the email

2. Bio- max 150 words

3. Self Promo Space-Links for social media, websites, youtube channel, etc

4. Photo- Picture to go with your bio, high resolution, square

An email will be sent to you if your piece is selected to be published.  Reviewing takes place weekly, publication may be further out due to type of content.

Submissions must be original work, not shared anywhere else before, unless given permission to re-post on this site for special reasons. 

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